Fabrizio Pece is an Art Director and Photographer based in Turin, Italy.

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After an education as a graphic designer and photographer for advertising services, he started working in the communication sector in 1998.

As a designer and website developer, he gained experience in one of the most important web development companies in the area. Over the years he has combined his work as a graphic designer with photography , working for a variety of companies and publishers in the development of graphic products always combined with the research for high-impact photographic images, expanding over the years his experience in various sectors of photography.

As an art director and project manager in the company he works for, he still defines himself as a communication enthusiast in all its forms. He continues in parallel with both the activity of graphic designer and photographer, without ever renouncing to personal growth in the various activities he carries out.


Images that catch the eye, born from the passion for photography, used by publishing.



Look at a place through the lens to freeze a moment and make it eternal.



Production environments, museums, schools, living and working environments and, sometimes, people who live in them.


Still Life

"The Devil is in the details" and indeed it is precisely from those that you notice the quality of a product.



Capturing the human soul seems like a diabolical objective, but if it's just to observe it, it's like catching a butterfly to make it fly away immediately.



Fabrics and style designed to live the atmospheres of your time.


Street Photography

Carpe diem or guess a relationship between things that becomes evident only after having captured it.


About Love

Celebrated love, which we want to preserve and remember. Love for a partner, for children, for life and also love for ourselves.



Ideas, experiments, extemporaneous images and photographic projects.